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Fellow Muscle Car Enthusiast,
We wanted to invite you to come out to Rockingham Dragway on November 14, 2009 for an all out street "Muscle Car Showdown."  This event will consist of two parts, one would be a test and tune in the morning with three bracket races in the afternoon and a final bracket race for the three cars left standing. Part two will be a Ford, GM, and Chrysler Car Show.
This is the first time we are doing this so we are open to suggestions.
Here's how the event will develop and again, we are open to suggestions:

1.  Only American Muscle is eligible for the bracket racing, however the test and tune is open to any make or model.


2.  The three bracket races will consist of Ford, GM, and Chrysler. (Most of these cars will be Camaro, Challenger, and Mustang, but may also be Corvette, Shelby, and Charger.)


3.  The GM bracket race will consist of all GM cars against GM cars, the Ford bracket race will consist of all Fords against Fords, and the Chrysler bracket race will consist of all Chryslers against their brethern.


4.  The winner of each race will run against the other two winners of the other makes.


5.  Due to time constraints. there will be no buybacks, you lose you are out.


6. You will not be able to sandbag on the bracket racing, when you register for the event, you will have to state what your consistent e.t.s are and will have to bid within that range. You may go down on your bid but will never be able to go up.  You can only go down .2 of a second and no more, this is to keep the sandbaggers honest.


7.  The winner of the final bracket race will receive a monetary purse, the other two will receive smaller monetary purses.  Amount TBD, but most likely the winner will get at least $500.00 provided by Pro-Dyno of Fort Mill, SC.


Part Two:

American Musclecar Car Show - How the show will work...

Again, since this is our first time doing this, you will have to be patient with us for the first year or two but our events have been proven to be a lot of fun in the past.

Thirty awards to be given away for the first year with the following classes:

1. Top 3 Mustangs
2. Top 3 Shelbys
3. Top 3 Fords
4. Top 3 Camaros
5. Top 3 Corvettes
6. Top 3 GMs
7. Top 3 Challengers
8. Top 3 Chargers
9. Top 3 Chryslers
10. Top 3 Street Rod/other

All classes will be people/judges' choice.  That means a panel of Ford guys will judge/pick the Chryslers, the Chrysler owners will pick the GM cars and the GM owners will pick the top Fords. This will probably be the best unbiased judging since no one will know anyone else.  They will go out as a group to judge each car.

Vendors:  Vendors may come out and set up for a small introductory fee of $50.00. 

Send your comments to Allan


Pro-Dyno is a portable dyno and can dyno your car right at the track.  Pro-Dyno can also tune all Mustangs, Shelbys, and Challengers. 

Please click here for a registration form.